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The Journal of Energy and Development (ISSN 0361-4476) is published on an academic-year basis; each volume is dated autumn of one year (issue 1) and spring of the next year (issue 2). Rates for subscriptions are quoted by volume and include delivery.

Many subscribers find it more convenient to place or renew their orders in the summer to coincide with the academic year and to insure receiving complete volumes.

Subscription Rate

As of 2021 (Volume 46), the one-year subscription rate for the Journal is below.


U.S. Institutional / General$55.00
U.S. Public / University Libraries$45.00


OVERSEAS Bound Copies in Mexico and Canada$55.00
OVERSEAS Bound Copies (outside Mexico and Canada)$65.00

Currency is in U.S. dollars. One volume, autumn & spring, including surface postage, book rate, for subscribers WITH DELIVERY.

Mail prepaid order in U.S. dollars to:

The Journal of Energy and Development
Attn.: Subscriptions Dept.
850 Willowbrook Road
Boulder, CO 80302 U.S.A.

Telephone: (303) 442-4014

Electronic copies of the Journal articles and issues can be purchased and downloaded in PDF form at JSTOR.

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