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Kuwait: Trade And InvestmentRagaei El MallakhPurchase on RoutledgePurchase on Amazon
The Government and Politics of Kuwait: Principles and PracticesAbdul-Reda Assiri$18.95Request a Copy
OPEC and the MarketAbdul-razak Faris Al-Faris$26Request a Copy
Nuclear Power at the CrossroadsThomas C. Lowinger and George W. Hinman$2Request a Copy
Bahrain Oil and Development 1929-1989Angela Clarke$38Request a Copy
World Oil Prices: Demand, Supply, and SubstitutesYousuf H. Mohammad and Walter J. Mead$24Request a Copy
Oil Industry and Government Strategy in the North Sea, Øystein Noreng $22Request a Copy
Qatar: Development of an Oil EconomyRagaei El MallakhPurchase on RoutledgeRequest a Copy
Petroleum and Economic Development: The Cases of Mexico and NorwayR. El Mallakh, O. Noreng, and B. Poulson$22Request a Copy
Saudi Arabia: Rush to DevelopmentRagaei El MallakhPurchase on RoutledgePurchase on Amazon
OPEC: Twenty Years and BeyondRagaei El Mallakh (Editor)Purchase on RoutledgeRequest a Copy
The Economic Development of the United Arab EmiratesRagaei El MallakhPurchase on RoutledgePurchase on Amazon
Economic Development of the Yemen Arab RepublicRagaei El MallakhPurchase on RoutledgePurchase on Amazon

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